Falling For Angels

Capturing the Vibes! So Pumped for Day 2 of @theo2awakening Breathing In Awareness 💛 #theo2awakening The tattoo on my shoulder is Phoenix Feathers with a quote saying “breathe music” I got Tattooed in MIAMI IN 07-08 when I was going through I really crazy time. I still managed to show up in all areas, whilst […]

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Rapè & Sananga Ceremony

4:04 am The Early Birds are Awake.. It’s been a week since the ceremony, it’s now 5:16 am November 6 Wednesday 2019 and I am still forever and always doing daily reflections of experiences, this one was epic to debrief from. What I’m noticing that I am doing more is being more mindful and catching […]

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Life & Living Longer

Lets start at the beginning… I saved a life, I Decided to Stay Pregnant, though it was never an option for me, the thought of being forcibly drawn into a reality where this was even a possibility had me in tears. Im Pregnant! (No not now.. don’t get to excited..  That was 13 years Ago) […]

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Pre Earth OR Future

I believe we all choose our paths pre earth, I believe that we chose our experiences through spiritual sight (site) and that includes all of our experiences, good or bad, and all of our connections.  ..before we came into this “machine” “matrix” “body”, we decided. -wiki We are souls alive in human bodies for the […]

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Name My Album

This Morning i was drawn to an image of a couple of influential artists that have since passed on into the spirit realm, I have connected with many of these artists, and its always great when spirits come through. So back to this image of kurtcobain tupac (& biggie) , deathboy records…  it triggered a […]

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Spirit Speaks

I titled this post 3 days ago… Yesterday I was told to visit emergency. I was having immense heart pain when breathing in and out.. on and off But I wasn’t prepared to stay at a hospital which was over an hour away from my home… So I waited it out (and no I don’t […]

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Here are a few things you may not know… I AM A MUM. First & Foremost my passion is singing & writing, Yes I am a singer / songwriter it is my passion and ive achieved some pretty great moments with this so far, like Performing Support Act & Touring with artist FLO RIDA, Having […]

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The Notebook.

City of stars are you shining just for me… I love him, I love him, I love him I always find garden weddings so beautiful and simple what a warm sunny day, such clarity & such love abounds.,My heart is filled with love.. Holding hands and walking miles.Does this sunshine shine just for me? I […]

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